Neograft Robotic Hair Transplant Chicago

ARTAS® robotic system utilizes advanced computer/robotic technology to harvest follicular units (FUE) while the NeoGraft™ automated system facilitates the harvesting of follicles during an “FUE”-type hair transplant, which is actually performed by a human operator. Both technologies dramatically improve the accuracy and speed of FUE harvests compared to previous manual extraction instruments. The Neograft machine is a manually operated machine that uses sharp edge dissection. Because it relies on manual controls rather than robotics, it is less accurate and the cutting tip may cause more graft injury.

Although the ARTAS robot does not get tired and produces very uniform and viable grafts, the system does have its limitations. For one thing, it only works on the scalp (so far!). Those with not enough hair left on the scalp due to the previous harvests or hair loss are not good candidates for ARTAS robot treatments, but can be good candidates for Neograft. For people who currently do not qualify for the ARTAS technology, the Neograft system is still very effective. Since the Neograft is human controlled it can be used to harvest hair FU from secondary sites such as the chest, back, beard, arms and legs (see body to scalp transplant). Moreover, it can be helpful in secondary cases with multiple previous scars.

Scalp scar reconstruction

Neograft can be utilized in revision of FUT donor scars. Neograft is not only able to provide FU to plant into the wide spread scars, but also can be used to drill into cores of the scar and provide contracture of the scar. This procedure can lead to very succesfull scar revisions. We have utilized this method on a wide variety of scars, including but not limited to donor FUT scars, traumatic scars, surgical craniotomy and facelift scars.