Robotic Hair Transplant

Neograft Robotic Hair Transplant Chicago

ARTAS® robotic system utilizes advanced computer/robotic technology to harvest follicular units (FUE) while the NeoGraft™ automated system facilitates the harvesting of follicles during an “FUE”-type hair transplant, which is actually performed by a human operator. Both technologies dramatically improve the accuracy and speed of FUE harvests compared to previous manual extraction instruments. The Neograft machine is a manually operated machine that uses sharp edge dissection. Because it relies on manual controls rather than robotics, it is less accurate and the cutting tip may cause more graft injury.

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Artas Robotic Hair Transplant Chicago


Although FUE procedures are minimally invasive and cause little pain and recovery time compared to conventional STRIP hair transplants, FUE procedures can still last eight hours or more. Such a long procedure time may cause fatigue in even the most experienced Neograft operator. Luckily, the ARTAS FDA approved system can aid with this heavy hair-pulling. The ARTAS robotic system has computer based robotic control, video imaging and uses a blunt dissection technique. This amazing advanced technology allows for very precise extraction of follicular units from the donor area with minimal transection. What does this mean? The precision of the ARTAS robot allows the grafts to be harvested with fewer traumas and thus, results in better growth.

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