Artas Robotic Hair Transplant Chicago


Although FUE procedures are minimally invasive and cause little pain and recovery time compared to conventional STRIP hair transplants, FUE procedures can still last eight hours or more. Such a long procedure time may cause fatigue in even the most experienced Neograft operator. Luckily, the ARTAS FDA approved system can aid with this heavy hair-pulling. The ARTAS robotic system has computer based robotic control, video imaging and uses a blunt dissection technique. This amazing advanced technology allows for very precise extraction of follicular units from the donor area with minimal transection. What does this mean? The precision of the ARTAS robot allows the grafts to be harvested with fewer traumas and thus, results in better growth.

The revolutionary ARTAS robotic system utilizes a computer-assisted image guidance technology to increase the number and quality of usable hair follicles gathered from donor sites. This new system is more precise and less invasive than even what the most experienced can accomplish with the Neograft. This is especially true for megasessions of over 2,000 FUE grafts. Because our center has been performing ARTAS robotic hair restoration since the beginning of 2012 and is one of the first and most experienced in the world, we are able to harvest up to 3,500 FU in a single day with the harvest speed of about 900/hr. Tihs is not possible with any other FUE method including Neograft.

The ARTAS robotic device is an image-guided system composed of a robotic arm, needle punch mechanism, disposable proprietary dermal punches, video imaging system, disposable cartridges, and a user interface. Its extraction technique consists of a double punch arrangement with an inner punch and outer punch. The inner punch has cutting capabilities to score the upper most part of the skin and the outer punch has a blunt edge used for dissection of the follicular units from the surrounding tissue that minimizes injury to the grafts. This is an advantage over the Neograft system, which utilizes sharp punch dissection that has a higher possibility off follicle damage.